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About the Company

Phantom Flow

Our company consists of people with long experience in trading in the international securities market (U.S. futures market) and the cryptocurrency market. We provides creating algotrading solutions.

Most of the trading volumes in the modern market result from the work of algorithms. It is essential to be able to analyze a large amount of data to compete with them.

We are developing trading algorithms that will allow our clients to make money in a mechanical or automatic mode by simplifying the analysis of the necessary factors.

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Our algorithms analyze the most capitalized coins in the cryptocurrency market and the most liquid securities in the U.S. futures market.

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50k+ Of tested trades

This indicator eliminates the possibility of "accidental" strategy profit and confirms the long-term algorithm viability

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150+ Of project participants

This, the number of participants will also be limited depending on the amount of the total deposit

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75% Of successful trades

This will allow avoiding deep drawdowns on the deposit, with a fairly good profitability

For Traders
A better Traders helper

The trading bot sends notifications about entering a trade with clear risk management rules to Telegram. At the same time, there are also notifications regarding the triggering of orders to take profit or loss.

This algorithm allows traders to easily copy bot trades or receive an excellent entry trigger while personally analyzing the market.

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For Investors

The best way to make money work

Connecting the bot to the account allows investors to distribute their capital to diversify risks and increase profits using trading bots that perform all actions in a fully automatic mode.

After connecting the bot to your account, you can completely forget about the need for manual trading.



The best way to replace manual trading with an algorithm

Our company can algorithmize your trading strategies on popular platforms such as ATAS, TradingView, and others.

To do this, you need to describe your trading idea to our specialists. Then we will optimize it and start developing the algorithm.

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EXAMPLE “profitability”

Knowledge base

Still have questions?

We create our products for those who want to reach a new level in the direction of trading. Algo trading has always been considered something difficult and inaccessible. Our team gives you the opportunity to join the world of algorithms in three options – create your own algorithm, copy the trades of our algorithm, become an investor.

The first step of algorithmizing your strategy is to communicate with our experts, if possible we will help you to optimize the logic for the next step. The next step is a deep backtest of the different strategy parameters (timeframes, volume limits, indicator settings, etc.), after which you can see which part of the strategy logic you should improve.

The main indicator that everything will be “good” depends on how seriously you approached the backtest of your strategy that you wanted to algorithmize. Our algorithms are tested on large samples of data, so we can have an increased probability that everything will work normally. However, the market is not a static system, and therefore has the ability to change, so the “factor of change” must also be taken into account when calculating risks.

If you want to copy the trades of the trading bot, you need a deposit of at least $1k, and if you want to connect automatic trading, then the deposit must be at least $10k ( $50k for CME)